How to Upgrade from Windows 10 32-bit to 64-bit

I recently upgraded my pc from Windows 8.1 32-bit to Windows 10 32-bit. This past weekend I purchased Windows ten 64-bit as a result of I need to upgrade from Windows ten 32-bit. For the upgrade, I perceive I’ll need to do an entire set up. That said, every time I place the Windows ten DVD in my system and that I run the setup.exe (via my desktop), it says ‘This app cannot run on your PC’. however, do I perform the upgrade to Windows ten 64-bit? ”

My response:

Before I answer the question, there square measure a number of things I want to induce out of the approach.

First, I need to illustrate that Windows ten 32-bit and Windows ten 64-bit square measure lined beneath an equivalent license, which suggests that you simply square measure de jure allowed to transfer and install Windows ten 64-bit for gratis (free) from Microsoft. as a result of you already put in Windows ten 32-bit on your machine, you already qualified for your free license to Windows ten; thus you’re eligible to put in Windows 10 64-bit for gratis. In alternative words, you probably did not get to purchase Windows ten 64-bit.

As for the error message “This app cannot run on your PC” – you received this error message as a result of you tried to run the Windows ten 64-bit setup.exe program from at intervals your Windows ten 32-bit desktop setting. this can NOT work; you need to bring up the machine and run the Windows ten 64-bit viable outside of the Windows ten 32-bit setting. If that does not add up to you, and you are fighting the error message “This app cannot run on your PC”, then please browse my supplementary article, a way to fix: ‘This app cannot run on your PC’ once trying Windows ten 64-bit Upgrade.

Upgrade from Windows 10 32-bit to 64-bit

Why a Clean Install of Windows ten 64-bit is needed

In order to upgrade from Windows ten 32-bit to Windows ten 64-bit, you may get to install Windows ten 64-bit mistreatment the “clean install methodology,” which needs rebooting the machine and running Windows ten 64-bit from DVD or USB.

Before you are doing that, you’ll likely need to back up your existing Windows installation (a disk image backup is best), format the disk drive, then install Windows ten 64-bit. afterward is completed, you may get to manually transfer and set up your antecedently put in programs, and so restore your user information.

The reason a clean install is needed is that Windows ten 32-bit has package files (specifically, dynamic link libraries, or “DLL” files) that square measure tangled with all of your put in program files; once you amendment the package to 64-bit, the DLLs also are modified and are not any longer compatible along with your put in programs. that is conjointly why you can’t install Windows ten 64-bit over high of Windows ten 32-bit and keep your put in programs and information in thoughtfulness, that is additionally why you need to perform a clean install of Windows ten 64-bit so as to ‘make the leap’ from the 32-bit.

How to Upgrade from Windows ten 32-bit to Windows ten 64-bit

In summary, here square measure the steps you wish to take:

  • presumptuous that your computer hardware is 64-bit and so compatible with Windows ten 64-bit, the primary step is to backup your pc before continuing with the upgrade. For this, I like to recommend you employ Acronis True Image as a result of it will back up the whole disk drive, as well as the package. If something goes wrong along with your Windows ten 64-bit installation (either before or when the installation – maybe because of a significant incompatibility), you’ll restore your entire system back to the approach it absolutely was before you tried the upgrade. though you do not get to restore the whole system, you’ll still use True Image to revive a part of the backup containing all of your user files (such as documents, pictures, etc) onto your new package, that you may still like subsequently.
  • transfer Windows ten 64-bit from Microsoft’s web site mistreatment the ** 32 bit ** version of the media creation tool. If you are not positive that version of Windows 10 you may like (Home or Pro), see this post relating to the media creation tool – specifically, Steps #1 through #4.

IMPORTANT: If you downloaded the media creation tool and you receive a slip message that “this app cannot run on your PC”, it’s as a result of you downloaded the sixty-four-bit media creation tool. this can NOT WORK. you need to transfer the 32-bit media creation tool so as to transfer Windows ten 64-bit image file. If you continue to do not perceive this, please browse a way to fix: ‘This app cannot run on your PC’ once trying Windows ten 64-bit Upgrade.

  • Restart the pc with the Windows ten DVD (or USB) inserted in your computer. so as to upgrade from Windows ten 32-bit to Windows ten 64-bit, you may get to bring up the pc with the Windows ten DVD (or USB) inserted into your computer. once you see “Press any key as well from DVD or USB”, do precisely that. beginning the installation during this manner can run the Windows ten setup in 64-bit mode and can bypass the ‘This app cannot run on your PC’ error you had antecedently once you tried to run it from your desktop.
  • The Windows ten setup ought to begin; click the “Install Now” button. you may be asked for a sound Windows ten license – you’ll skip this section since you already put in Windows ten 32-bit, as a result of Microsoft features a permanent record of your machine as already having a sound license (as long as your pc was connected to the net previously). the consequent time you hook up with the net with Windows ten 64-bit, Windows ten can mechanically activate.
  • Next, conform to the tip User License Agreement (EULA), then select a Custom installation. On the continuing screen, click the “Drive choices (Advanced),” possibility and delete all of the disk drive partitions that contain your recent package (this is sometimes Drive 0). Once all the partitions square measure gone, you ought to find yourself with “Unallocated space” on Drive zero. Left click the Drive zero within the window to focus on it and click on Next; Windows ten 64-bit can begin putting in.
  • Once Windows ten 64-bit has been put in, you may get to restore a number of your protected information, like documents, images, etc onto the drive. you’ll set up Acronis True Image and choose a partial restore to attain this. don’t do an entire restore otherwise, you can revert to the recent package.
  • you may then got to transfer and set up all of your antecedently put in programs – check that you decide on 64-bit installers wherever applicable. If you wish to facilitate restoring your information or putting in programs, you’ll contact Maine for remote desktop support and that I can dial into your pc and lie with for you.

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