how to find which operating system am i running in windows

Every laptop or laptop computer you employ are going to be operating system am i running in windows AN software. Majority of the time you’ll be running either a Windows or mack software (OS). one amongst the foremost common queries we tend to get asked by our purchasers is that software am I running?

Why you ought to understand that software you’re victimization

It’s necessary to understand that software you’re running from a cyber security perspective. you ought to forever have the most recent updates put in to supply you with the most recent security patches. From AN IT support company purpose of read, by knowing your software and version, it will build our troubleshooting method plenty faster.

How to see that software you’re running on Windows

If you’re running a Windows OS, it’s possible to be Windows seven or ten. If you’re running Windows seven you need to be upgraded by Jan 2020 because of support from Microsoft ending. to visualize this whole the subsequent steps; Click begin and kind ‘About Your PC’ and choose this selection.operating system am i running in windows Scroll right down to the section known as ‘Windows Specifications’. From here you’ll be ready to see the subsequent information;operating system am i running in windows If those steps aren’t accessible for you, it’s unlikely you’re running Windows ten. fortuitously there’s a simple thanks to check that version of Windows you’re victimization by employing a run command click the ‘Windows key R’ to open the run . among the Run box type ‘winver’ and press enter;operating system am i running in windows A popup like this may then appear;operating system am i running in windows You can then see clearly that software you’re victimization together with its current version and build.


We hope this guide has helped you distinctive that software you’re running. did not work or have the other questions on your operational system? be at liberty to go away to go away a comment below.

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